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China Hotel > Jiangsu >Nanjing

Zijin Hill Observatory

The Zijin observatory is located o­n the west peak of the Zijin Hill. It is 370 meters above sea level and is constructed in 1929. It is China’s first modern observatory and is now under the administration of Chinese Academy of Science. The observatory keeps and exhibits ancient astronomical instruments invented by the Chinese. It has Department of Astrophysics, Department of Celestial Mechanics, Lab of Radio Astronomy and Lab of Space Astronomy. Visitors can ride the cable car to reach the observatory.
Nanjing belongs to subtropical humid climate, with hot summer and cold winters, and a annual temperature of 15.3℃, from mid June to the beginning of July is the plum rain period. It is suitable to visit Nanjing in spring, autumn and winter, spring and autumn the best

Zijin mountain ancient to called Nanjing mountain, call ZhongShan at Han Dynasty, because rock uncover mountain top getting purple at the Eastern Jin Dynasty in sunshine, show getting purple splendor, see in the city, like secondary color gas and auspicious cloud, so have another name called Zijin mountain. At the time of the three countries, Zhu Ge-liang in Sichuan Province is sent as an envoy to Wu, says while watching the mountains and rivers situation of Nanjing: "Clock mound dragon curl, Shicheng like tiger crouch, real residence of emperor. " real imposing manner of mountain, " tiger and Dragon crouch " a language and general all.
Ropeway o­neway 35yuan, 60yuan return
Zijin Hill Observatory fee and opening hours
Admission 15yuan, child under 1.3m 9yuan, group over 30 member 90%discount
Opening hours: 8:30-16:30

1.You had better ware sports shoes, it is more comfortable. 
2.Please pay attention to climb mountain or walking in resort.
3.Please comply with the local rule of law.
4.Please keep the environment and do not leave rubbish.
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