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Liyuan Hotel Shanghai
24K International Hotel (Shanghai Wuzhong Road)
24K International Hotel (Wuzhong shop)
99Inn(Hongqiao Airport ,First Branch )
a8 Hotel (Hongqiao)
Baodian Business Hotel
Business Xingang Hotel Eastern Shanghai
Cailin International Business Hotel
Cheer Snow Hotel
Chen Nan Hotel
Coinfamily Hotel
Dayawan Business Hotel
Dazhong Merrylin Hotel
Deqiu Garden Hotel
Dijon Hotel Shanghai
Duxiana Hotel
Eagle City Hotel
Eastern Garden Service Apartment
Fortune Forever Hotel
Great Shanghai International Garden Service Apartment
Green Tree Inn Hotel
Green Tree Inn Shanghai Qibao
Green Tree Inn(Shanghai Hongqiao Airport No.2 Express Hotel)
GreenTree Inn (Shanghai Wuzhong Road Express Hotel)
Hanting Express (Shanghai Cao Bao Road)
Hanting Express (Shanghai Caohejing)
Hanting Express (Shanghai Gubei)
Hanting Express (Shanghai Hongqiao Terminal Branch)
Hanting Express (Shanghai Hongqiao Terminal Station)
Hanting Express (Shanghai Hongqiao Wuzhong Road )
Hanting Express (Shanghai Huming Road Nan)
Hanting Express (Shanghai Minhang Sports Park )
Hanting Express (Shanghai Qixin Road)
Hanting Express (Shanghai Xinhong Bridge)
Hanting Express (Shanghai Xinzhuang)
Hengyue Hotel
Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao
Holiday Inn Express Meilong Shanghai
Home Inn (Hongqiao Airport Huqingping Road)
Home Inn (Minhang Stadium Branch)
Home Inn (Shanghai Hongmei South Road)
Home Inn (Shanghai Hongqiao Convention and Exhibition Center)
Home Inn (Shanghai Lianhua Road)
Home Inn (Shanghai Wuzhong Road)
Hongjin Hotel
Hotel Carolina (Shanghai Yishan Road)
Hotel Summary
Howard Johnson Hongqiao Airport Hotel
Huana Hotel
Imagine Garden Hotel
Irene Boutique Hotel (Jinshu Shop)
Jia Wei Hotel
Jibao Hotel
Jin Daily Hotel
Jincheng Business Hotel
Jinjiang Inn (Road Minhang Shanghai)
Jinjiang Inn (Shanghai Jinjiang Amusement Park )
Jinjiang Inn (Shanghai Huqingping Road)
JinJiang Inn (Shanghai Minhang Dongchuan Road)
Jinjiang Inn (Shanghai South Hongmei Road)
JinJiang Inn (Shanghai Xinsong Road)
JinJiang Inn (Wujing Dian)
JinJiang Inn(Shanghai Xinzhuang)
Jinlu Hotel
Jinyan Hotel
Jiugong Hotel
JOYRIIZ Service Apartment
JUN - LING International Hotel Shanghai
King Hotel
Kingtown Hotel Hongmei Shanghai
Knig Hotel
Lucky Plaza Hotel
Lvmei Hotel
Maishengli Holiday Hotel Shanghai
Minhang Hotel
Minhang Hotel
Motel 168 (Shanghai Beiqiao)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Caohejing)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Chunshen Road)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Hailong)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Hongjing Road)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Huacao)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Huaxiang Branch)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Jiangchuan Road)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Mingzhu Road)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Qibao)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Qixin Road)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Wanding)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Wuzhong Road)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Yindu Branch)
Motel 168 (Shanghai Zhongchun Road)
Motle 168 (Shanghai Yili South Road)
Nagata Hotel
Nanfang Shangchen Hotel
NanYa Hotel
Nanya Hotel
Noble Center
Pan Long Hotel Shanghai
Pujiang EXPO Hotel
Radiance Hotel
Scholars Hotel Shanghai
shang hai shenmin hotel
Shanghai Ailunhai Hotel
Shanghai Benjiebi Hotel
Shanghai Boao Hotel
Shanghai Brielly Hotel
Shanghai Brocade Expensive Inn Limited Company (Brocade Honest Chain-like Inn)
Shanghai Co family Hotel
Shanghai Fangduo Hotel
Shanghai Feel Town Hotel
Shanghai Fortune Hotel
Shanghai Fukun Hotel
Shanghai Guanyuan Hotel
Shanghai Haozhou Hotel
Shanghai Hhuhua International Hotel
Shanghai Highsure All Suite Hotel
Shanghai Huineng Hotel
Shanghai Hundred Convinent Hotel
Shanghai Huntington Terrace
Shanghai International Bowling Resort
Shanghai Jingfu Hotel
ShangHai Jiu Yu Hotel
Shanghai Metro Educational Training Centre
Shanghai Mingyang Hotel
Shanghai Renji Hotel
Shanghai Ruite Hotel
Shanghai Sea Lion Garden Hotel
Shanghai Sunkist International Hotel
Shanghai the Land Hotel
Shanghai Xincheng Hotel
Shanghai Xindelin Restaurant
Shanghai Yanhong Hotel
Shanghai Yashidu Suites Hotel
Shanghai Yinfu Hotel
Shanghai Yongronghuagui Hotel
Shanghai Your Home Hotel
Shanghai Yuloon Hotel
Shanghai Yundu Hotspring Business Hotel
Shushang Hotel
Sky Fortune Boutique Hotel Shanghai
Super 8 Hotel (Shanghai Qibao Street Branch)
Super 8 Hotel (Shanghai Tianlin Road)
Super8 Hotel (Shanghai Hongqiao Road)
Swan Lake For A Business Club, Ltd. Shanghai
Sweet Home Hotel
Tongyuan Hotel(Wanyuan Branch)
Unavailable for Foreign Guests Temporarily
Vienna International Hotel (Shanghai jiuxing branch)
We Love Hotel (Shanghai Rainbow Road)
Weibo Hotel (Shanghai Hangpu hotel)
Wistaria Hotel
Xia Yi Yao Business Hotel ShangHai
Xinjian Hotel
Yuanyou Hotel
Zhongting Hotel
Zunxuan Business Hotel

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Shanghai : MinHang : Minhang Hotel

Minhang Hotel

Hotel Addr : Shanghai Minhang 202 Lanping Road (MinHang)
Hotel Tel : 021-64308121
Hotel Fax : 021-64306562
Chinese Name : 闵行饭店
Chinese Addr : 闵行区 兰坪路202号(交大、闵行经济开发区 近江川路) (闵行区)
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Minhang Hotel
Minhang Hotel

The hotel is an old hotel has a history of the past forty years, known as the good name of the Garden Hotel. The hotel layout is reasonable, novel style, with nine restaurants

Minhang Hotel
Room Intro

The hotel is a nearly 40-year-old hotel, a reasonable reputation, known as the Garden Hotel The newly renovated hotel layout, innovative style. Equipped with central air conditioning, elevators, telephones, closed circuit television. The hotel has 142 rooms divided into single rooms, standard rooms, suites.


Discotheque karaoke room

Minhang Hotel
Hotel Dining

Chinese Restaurant


Distance to the Airport:7km;Distance to Pudong Airport:55km;Distance to Railway Station:9km;Distance to City Center:7km;Distance to Hongqiao Development Area:1km.

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